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10,000 mAh/5,000mAh, external auxiliary battery with wireless charger integrated. In nature line. Double USB output, with Type C and micro USB inputs -cable included-. Wide printing area and presented in an attractive, individual design box. The capacities shown in all our external auxiliary batteries are real, all of them incorporating non-recycled, grade A batteries, with a service life of at least 500 charging cycles, and complying with CE regulations. In addition, they are manufactured according RoHS standards, and in compliance with the following safety requirements: Power bank overcharge protection system. Complete discharge protection system, which increases the durability of the power bank. Blocking system to prevent short circuits. Constant charging transfer system, in accordance with the capacity of the target device.
15W Wireless. 10,000 mAh. 2 USB Outputs. Micro USB and Type C Input. Cable Included

Wireless Power Bank

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